Telling Sexy Stories To Get A Date

When someone discovers someone they would like to date, often that person is too shy to just outwardly ask the other person onto a dating adventure. Many people believe in the “friends into lovers” theme that has been passed down to us since the 1970′s. Even to those who achieve the friends with benefits compatibility with someone, it is not the same passion as what they can achieve with “lovers into friends” relationship. And passion is where all the thrills are found.

So, it is best to seek out those with whom you have a sexual attraction to directly, as a lovers relationship. You may be friendly, but you must approach this relationship as a primary sexual one. But how do you “implant” sexual ideas in a potential lovers heart to assure you the greatest chance of success.

One of the most unusual ways to get sexual attention and a date with someone you like is to use hidden suggestions in sexy stories. One of the classic themes you can use is to talk about someone you know. For example, let me tell you about my friend Juli.

Juli is a woman who long ago gave up the idea of sexual liberation. She is European, and she fulfills the more common tradition there of men and women being more sexual towards each other. Juli is not above letting a button slip on her blouse, or a little too much leg show in a formal dress. She is sexual and enjoys fully that part of herself. One thing she prides herself on is recognizing a great lover when they are right in front of her.

That story may seem innocent and safe, but actually it contains several subliminal descriptive commands which gets people thinking about sex and their own growing feeling of attraction. By you telling the story, or a similar one, the feelings elicited become associated to you. It is what is referred to as anchoring.

By coming up with sexy stories of your own, you too can achieve this effect in a potential lover.
Just remember these few simple points:

1. Describe things in a sensual way at first, avoid bold sexual assertions till you establish greater rapport with them.

2. Use your imagination to make your story as vivid and fun to listen to as possible.

3. Describe a believable person and tell the story as an adventure.

4. Follow the rules for storytelling. Have a beginning and an end with a chunk of action in the middle. Make sure your ending is related to your beginning. I personally prefer happy endings, which,for me, goes very well with a sexy story. But, I’m a romantic person. In case you didn’t notice, the previous sentence is just the sort of ending I was talking about.

5. Use your voice in a descriptive way. Practice saying words in a way that describes their action. Try words like wind, surprised or kissing. Make them sound like the thing you are describing. Then try to say them in ways that are suggestive of sex. It is really fun!

By learning to talk and tell stories in a sexy way, you will have a hidden doorway to the passions of your potential lover. Think of how many sexual situations you could describe through an innocent story. Use these to implant sexual feelings and attraction in a potential lovers mind.

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